The physical/biological systems we are interested share the common properties of being complex interacting systems. These systems have the common properties of having a large number of degrees of freedom in which cooperative effects play a vital role. Our research theme focuses on biophysics and soft-matter science using methods in statistical physics and complex many-body systems, computational techniques and  non-linear dynamics. 

Our research themes focus on several frontier topics in biological and soft-matter systems that are related to the nonlinear and non-equilibrium nature of complex interacting systems.

Both analytical theories and computer simulations are carried out in our research group. Experiments on  biomolecules, bio-materials, neuronal networks, cardiac cells, dicty cells, DNA, nonlinear physics, granular materials are also performed at NCU and in collaborations with the Physics Institute at Academia Sinica.

  • Neuronal networks and dynamics

  • Regulations, signaling dynamics in cellular and subcellular levels

  • Biological rhythms & control of cardiac arrhythmia

  • Driven granular materials

  • Colloidal dynamics

  • Polymer physics & knots

  • Reconstruction of Complex and biological networks

  • Control of complex dynamics & chaos 

  • Nonequilibrium statistical physics in driven/active systems